YO2KBK is a radio amateur club sustained and financed by Top Security Service Arad - www.topsecurityservice.com.

    It was founded by three radio amateurs: YO2II – Sandu Roveanu; YO2LRR – Florin Rob; YO2LMF – Friedman Mircea.

    In 2002, the two associates, YO2LRR and YO2LMF decide to found and sustain a radio amateur club, near the security company with working and sportive purpose.

Not in the last place, we wish to attract young talents with low possibilities but with real wishes for such activities: “A round table for all”

    This new club, YO2KBK manages remarkable performances since its first year. It still continues its activity and gets good results. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of some remarkable sportsmen with a vast competitive experience.

    The soul of this club is YO2II, Sandu Roveanu, never tired and always ill of this activity. He is a true professional. A true support is YO2LEA – Ursan Ioan, member of our competition team, and he is a participant at most of the contests we competed in.

    We cannot help making a refer to the collaboration with the Romanian Radio Amateur Federation, and the County Club of Arad which supported us even in buying some equipment necessary to this activity, from disabled gear of governmental entities.

    We can remember:



Romanian VHF/UHF Championship - 144MHz - 1st place - International VHF/UHF/SHF

Championship of Romania - 1st place

HA VHF/UHF CONTEST 2007 - 2nd place
YO contest WPX SSB 2007 3rd place



International VHF/UHF/SHF Championship of Romania - 1st place, operators YO2II, YO2LEA, YO3OED.

Romanian VHF Championship - 1st place, Operators YO2LEA, YO2LZO

HA VHF/UHF CONTEST 2006 - 1 st place, operators YO2LEA, YO5OED
"Napoca" Championship - 1st place
"Oltenia 6m" Championship - 3rd place

1st place and National Champion title at the international contest of Romania.

1st place at "Floarea de Mina" Contest

1st place at "Napoca" Contest

3rd place at "Oltenia 6m" Contest



International UUS Championship

- 2nd place - Operators YO2II, YO2LEA, YO5OED

National UUS Championship

- 4th place - Operators YO2II, YO2LEA

Oltenia 144MHz Contest

- 3rd place - Operators YO2LEA, YO5OED


National UUS Championship

- 144MHz 3rd Place - Operators YO2II & YO2MSR

- 432 MHz 4th Place - Operators YO2II & YO2MSR

- 1296 MHz 3rd Place - Operators YO2II & YO2MSR

International OLTENIA Championship

- 50MHz 2nd Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA (special callsign used in contest - YP0I)



- 144MHz 3rd Place - Operators YO2LRR & YO2MBE

European IARU Championship

- 50MHz 7th Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA

- 144MHz 177th Place (first YO station out of 699) - Operators YO2II & YO2MSR

National UUS Championship

- 144MHz 6th Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA

- 432MHz 5th Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA

- 1296MHz 1st Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA



European IARU Championship

- 50MHz 15th Place - Operators YO2II & YO2LEA



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